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SCANIA Touring HD Sound Recording & Photo Session

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Описание материала:

A short "making of" documentary from a photo shooting and sound recording session performed by crews from SCS Software (http://www.scssoft.com) and Silent Noise (http://www.silentnoise.cz).The Scania Touring HD coach bus was kindly lent to us by Scania Czech Republic (http://www.scania.cz/).This is an all-new pristine bus, unfortunately by the time we drove it to the airstrip we are using for recording it wasn't so shiny any more as when we were picking it up.The sounds we were recording, research photos we were taking, and physics behavior research we have done are not meant to be exploited in the context of Euro Truck Simulator 2, there is a different project in the works now at SCS Software! ;-).

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:02:25
Автор: SCSSoftware
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